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December 25, 2016

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Sakura High School, a high school filled with aristocratic atmosphere and top facilities. You transferred to here because your parents are busy at working which has not only draw great attention among the teachers and students, but also has beautiful encounter with the heroines. More than that, you are involved in the war between monsters and humans hidden in modern society.


A brand new campus life is here. The incredible campus adventure game that combined with dating, part-time working and card battle. Welcome to Sakura High School to experience the amazing life of love and fantasy.


  • Appealing love simulation system.The romance are heart touching. The 3D model of the heroines are made with top design. Their attitude will be changed by the choices you made. You will be grasped by their vivid body language and face expression
  • Novel-like story lines.Through the novel-like rich plot and the AVG mode performance, you can completely integrate into the story background. Whether it is the mystery of the monsters hidden in the crowd, or the love and hatred last for thousand years, the story climax will absolutely grasp your heart!
  • Perfect combinations of 3D and 2D art performance.We have the 2D anime style cards and user interface. We also use the Unity 3D engine to build the cute characters and aristocratic Sakura High School. You will surely enjoy in the school life.
  • Charming character art style.Animated by animation style of characters and voiced by famous Japanese voice actor and actress, , which will definitely make you feel refreshed and fall into the whirlpool of romance!
  • Free matched card system with endless potential!Character cards, equipment cards, treasure cards, property card, assistant cards plus the link of heroines, there are a wide variety of cards to choose from! Hundreds of different abilities and different effects will match your play style. Completely freely configured allow you to create a team that is unique to you! Protect your favorite heroine!
  • Easy studying and working system!Want to gain high academic ability but have no extraordinary talent? Want to date a heroine but have no enough money?The simple and fast studying and working system allows you to improve your academic ability and earn money by using your leisure time. Get the heart of the heroines with efficiency.


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Awards & Recognition

  • "Famitsu Gold Award" No.1527, Famitsu, Japan, 2018
  • "Journey Award" IndieCade, USA, 2017
  • "Best Design" Taipei Game Show, Taiwan, 2017
  • "Best Narration" IndiePlay, China, 2017
  • "Best Narration Nominee" BIG Festival, Brazil, 2017
  • "Best Game Award Nominee" IndiePlay, China, 2016
  • "Best Audio Nominee" IndiePlay, China, 2016

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CELAD INC. stands out by pure anime style and rich narrative game in Taiwan. We are a group of gamers and developers full of dreams and passion who play games, make games, and love games. We never set limits for ourselves, we are good at making games such as dating sim, role playing, horror, science fiction and more. We are willing to develope any kind of games and do anything we can in order to ensure the best quality. We wish to lift a burst of whirlwind in game industry.

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Chief Planner

Ou Peiyi
Chief Artist

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